Susan Polis - LOVE OF MONEY by DENTISTS ruined my LIFE!

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I went to see Susan Polis, DDS in Homer, Alaska with a bad tooth.It hurt terribly and I wanted it OUT.

It was just a molar. Polis told me she found other cavities and told she would "have" to pull my upper teeth in order to help me. Not knowin a thing about dental back then, I agreed. She gave me an immediate denture, which would not fit because of the canine bony protrusions left behind after the extraction.

She did made two attempts to fix the upper dentures, which would NOT fit. They rested completely on those two pieces of hard gum sticking out - and bled. I could not eat. She referred me to an oral surgeon at Oral Surgeons, Inc.

in Kenai, AK whereupon a Dr. Bergeron removed the bony protrusions AND over 90% of my maxilla (upper gum). He was distinctly TOLD and SHOWN which area was to be "smoothed" yet chose instead todo what he wanted. Today, no denture will stay in my mouth at all.

I now HAVE to have implanted dentures, after I have sinus lifts! I don't have the cash for this either. I look 15 years older than I am since my face is now all sunken in due to no bone structure, and I cannot eat anything but liquids. I learned that I could have had crowns on my upper teeth and NONE of this would have happened!

Polis was SO greedy, she never even offered them! She assumed I could not pay, and the thing is, although I do not have the cash upfront, I COULD have paid up to $400 per month and had the debt already paid off! Instead, I look 65, cannot eat and am dying. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, have had two heart attacks and now, not eating right is killing me.

Slowly but surely. My diabetes is out of control and I have to live off Ensure. I hate dentists now altough I've been a good dental patient all my life. I didn't even have cavities until the heart attacks, and the medications made my mouth so dry, it ruined the pH balance.

I know alot about dentistry now --- and I know I was screwed over, by the love of money.

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